OEM (Original equipment manufacturer): Refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. In Garden Winds’ product description, OEM refers to the company that produced the entire gazebo frame, including both the metal frame and original canopy top.

Model Number: Reference number located on a tag on the underside of the canopy or assembly instructions.

Retailer: Retail store where gazebo was sold to the consumer.

Single Tier: Roof structure that leads up to a single point at its peak, requiring a one piece canopy.  A single tier roof resembles a pyramid.

Two-Tiered: Roof structure composed of two separate sections, commonly with a bottom larger tier, and a smaller top tier.

Overhang Style: The method in which a  canopy hangs at or is attached to the perimeter of the roof frame.

Classic Overhang Wrap Around: Overhang style in which canopy fits over and wraps around sides and corner of gazebo frame

Corner and Side Pockets: Overhang style in which the gazebo roof bars protrudes past the corner posts, requiring side and corner pockets on canopy for roof bars to fit inside.

Corner Post: Type of corner supports that hold up entire frame.  Common types may include square tube, cylindrical tube,  or L-shaped panels.

Canopy Valance: The vertical overhang of a canopy that spans around perimeter of frame.  Common designs of valance may be scalloped, straight edged or pleated.

Scalloped: Valence that is curved or wavy.

L-shaped panels: Two flat vertical panels adjoined at corresponding ends that form an L-shape to support the roof and form the gazebo structure

Finial: Decorative ornament commonly located at the corners and peak of roof frame.  Finials are often screwed onto existing bolts on the gazebo frame.  Finials sometimes serve the purposes of securing a canopy to the frame.  Common finial shapes and designs include arrow, ball, leaf or spear shapes.

Denier: Fabric unit of measure indicating density or fabric weight.

Grommet: Metal rings installed into canopy fabric often used to promote water drainage or for attachment of finials.

Cantilever Umbrella: Type of umbrella where the umbrella is supported by a overhead beam or pole, leaving the space underneath the umbrella free of obstruction.

Offset Umbrella: Type of umbrella supported by a overhead beam or pole.  See Cantilever Umbrella

Standard Market Umbrella: Type of umbrella where the umbrella canopy lies atop a supported singular center pole and base. 

Universal Canopy:  A canopy that is not made to fit any specific frame, but designed to provide a general fit instead.

Custom Canopy: Canopy designed to provide a custom tailored fit for a particular model frame.

Standard Grade: Grade of fabric used on most Garden Winds canopies - 350 Denier

Ultra Grade: Grade of fabric used on canopies designated “Ultra Grade” in their name. – 600 Denier

Octagon Frame: Gazebo frame that has eight sides.

Hexagon Frame: Gazebo frame that has six sides.

Gazebo: A common garden, patio, or deck structure resembling a house, often made from wood, metal, and may include fabric.  These structures are distinct as many of them do not have side walls. 

Canopy: Fabric top that covers roof frame

Pergola: Flat top outdoor structure with a roof characteristically constructed of large crossbeams.  Pergola structures are commonly constructed of metal or wood. 

Lattice Design: Interlaced pattern resembling diamond, square, or weave-like design.

Mosquito Netting: Fabric and mesh panels that cover each vertical side of gazebo frame for the purpose of keeping insects out of the interior space.  The netting enclosure often opens at the center of each side for entry and exit.

Sunshade: Single half height fabric panel used to provide additional shade or privacy on one side of the gazebo frame.

Privacy Curtain: Solid panels that cover all vertical sides of gazebo for additional shade or privacy.

Hook Attachment: Hooks sewn onto canopy that attach to holes around perimeter of roof frame.

Velcro Attachment: Velcro sewn onto canopy that secure canopy by wrapping around metal bars on structure

Water resistant: Fabric treated with water-repellant coating.

Turn knob attachment: Metalknobs on gazebo frame that fit into grommets on canopy to secure to frame.

UV Treated Fabric: Canopy fabric treated with a coat of UV protectant top rovide protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.


“A”-frame: Swing frame with side supports structure shaped like the letter A.

Flat Roof: Metal roof frame that is flat without any curves.

Curved Roof: Roof style that is arched either length or width wise.

Pole sleeve: Sleeve on canopy for roof pole to slide into.

Gazebo Style: Swing roof that resembles a gazebo canopy

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